This renovated and elegantly furnished factory building is situated near the water in a serene location. A spacious terrace is situated on the southern side. This home is children friendly. Swimming pools are located in Pickelsjön (just 5 km away).



Living space: 98 m² Parabol TV
Bedrooms: 3 Woodburning stove
Guests: 6 Groceries: 1 km
Bathroom: 1 Rowboat (max 4 persons)
Toilets: 2 Pets allowed
Dishwasher Non smoker
Washing machine


All rental of our summerhouses goes through NOVASOL

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Miscellaneous – When staying in Möllehuset

Remember to registrate the electricity when you arrive and when you leave!
The monitoring device is to the left of the front door.

Put the payment for used electricity into the mailbox in the hallway.

Didn’t you order cleaning – don’t worry! Cleaning can be ordered until approx 2 days before leaving. Call +45 2926 1516 or e-mail leif@brygmann-aps.dk

Put the payment for cleaning into the mailbox in the hallway.

Nearest grocery

Vitsjö 5 km

Markaryd 13,5 km
Netto, ICA, Systembolaget, bank etc

The vaccum cleaner is in the cupboard in the bathroom.
Detergents are in the cupboard in the bathroom.
You must sort your waste.
You will find instructions for sorting your waste on the lid by the sink in the kitchen.
Please respect this.
The water comes from a private well and may be slightly brown because of the amuont of iron in the water. The water is fine and you can easily drink it.

In dry periods we recommend you to take short showers – then there will be water for all.

You are allowed to walk and stay everywhere as long as you respect the privacy of people and wildlife.
Just across the road into the forest is a calmness unlikely any other place because of the moss growing there.
The key to the boat is in small cupboard in the hallway.
In the “housebook” is a picture of the boat and a map with the location (or see the map below).

Oars are in the shed.
Lifejackets are in the sauna.
You may use the sauna as much as you like.
The cost of electricity is approx 7-10 SEK an hour which will be charged over the electricity bill.

Turn on the sauna (in the hallway) about 15 minutes before use. The timer can be set from 1-4 hours.
You can turn off the power when you exit the sauna – that will save you some electricity.

You are NOT allowed to pour water on the stove!

For information about TV, internet, heating etc go to Useful information >>>



If you are a tenant

We are doing our best to make your stay as good as possible.
Please use this formular if you have any suggestions for improvements.

If you are interested in buying

Please use this formular or call +45 2926 1516